Your HVAC System Can Take Up Less Space

Consider using a heat pump in your home or business

Keeping the temperature right in your home or business doesn't have to mean installing several pieces of bulky equipment. You can simply use a single heat pump instead of separate heating and cooling units.

Duca Heating & Cooling, LLC can install heat pumps from any brand. When you hire us, we'll mount the indoor part of the unit on your wall, then set up the rest of it outdoors. You'll get the heating and cooling capabilities you need without filling your space with bulky HVAC units. For a free estimate on heat pump installation services, contact us right away.

Keep your heat pump operating smoothly

Keep your heat pump operating smoothly

Heat pumps are reliable, but like all HVAC units, they require routine maintenance to work efficiently. You can make sure that your heat pump stays in good condition by arranging for our heat pump maintenance services. If your heat pump ever becomes damaged, you can also bring us in for emergency repairs. Call 207-838-0338 now to schedule work on your heat pump.