Is Your AC Unit Acting Up?

Arrange for our emergency AC repair services

When your air conditioner is making you lose your cool, Duca Heating & Cooling, LLC can help. We offer emergency AC repair services for home and business owners with all kinds of AC units.

When you contact us, our company owner will promptly solve your AC problem, whether it's a:

Dirty filter that's reducing air flow through your AC unit
Refrigerant leak that's keeping your AC unit from working consistently
Faulty breaker that's allowing the motor or compressor to overheat

You'll feel the cool air in your home or business before you know it. Call 207-838-0338 now for a free estimate on our AC repair services.

Explore our other AC services

Explore our other AC services

Want to keep your unit from falling into disrepair? Thinking about getting a new unit altogether? You can turn to our contractor for:

AC maintenance services
New AC installation services
AC replacement services
Ductwork services

To find out more about any of our services, reach out to a local HVAC technician today.